Kick in the Eye: David J on the visual art of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets

Undead. Undead. Undead. A refrain that would launch a new genre. Formed around David J. Haskin's plunging, dub-inspired bass line, Peter Murphy's sepulchral vocals and Daniel Ash's jagged guitar, upon its debut in 1979, Bauhaus's landmark single, "Bela Lugosi's Dead" earned the band mythic status as the "Godfathers of Goth." If early fans might have dismissed them as a novelty act, the band quickly disabused them of that notion. Using similar imagery to underpin a theatrical, and often danceable catalog of songs, Bauhaus's ensuing singles and albums were all, stylistically speaking, considerably different from one another. Although counterparts like Joy Division and The Cure were simultaneou

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