Chris Verene on his work with The Rock*A*Teens

Before receiving international acclaim for his Galesburg, Illinois documentary series, fans of Atlanta's music scene knew photographer Chris Verene as the dynamic drummer for an eclectic mix of local acts, such as DQE, Bach on a Hook and The Rock*A*Teens. Formed in 1994 and hailing from the rundown former mill neighborhood of Cabbagetown, The Rock*A*Teens triumphantly arose from a series of tragedies that plagued the local music community in the early part of the decade. Helmed by the unparalleled talents of songwriter and frontman Chris Lopez, over the course of eight years and five albums, The Rock*A*Teens built a catalog of clamorous, reverb-soaked anthems that chronicled distinctly South

Margo Nahas on her iconic cover for Van Halen's 1984

Few would argue that Van Halen hit their peak with the release of their sixth record, 1984. Aside from stories of band discord and Michael Jackson's Thriller preventing the album from reaching #1 on the Billboard Charts, everything related to 1984 was a massive success. Among the triumphs: four hit singles, a few wildly popular music videos supported by heavy promotion from MTV (remember the "Lost Weekend" contest?), sold-out concerts, and a significant crossover from straight rock radio to the Top 40 airwaves prompted by the synth-driven lead single, "Jump." Then there's the album's celebrated cover art, which has landed on nearly every list of all-time greatest album covers and became as p

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