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 About Cover Our Tracks: 

Cover Our Tracks features all kinds of content related to record and CD art.  We’re trying to do something a little different by digging into the history behind some of our favorite covers.  Here you'll find articles on the "making of" both iconic and lesser known sleeve designs, as well as interviews with a variety of musicians, photographers, illustrators, painters, and designers who created some of the most unique album covers and CD packaging of the last forty years. 

On occassion, Cover Our Tracks will include some special feature interviews with artists who have worked in other music-related realms, such as film, fashion, literature and other visual formats.

Loring Kemp - Editor/Contributor:


(IG) @loring452/@coverourtracks

(T)   @coverourtracks

Lara Kristin Herndon - Contributor:

(IG) @herndy

(T)   @Herndy


Cherrybombed - Contributor:

(IG) @bombedcherry

(T)   @DJCherrybombed

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